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The grade of a hardwood floor describes its visual aspects. Our grades are grouped based on the character marks and colour variation that naturally appear in wood floors. It’s important to remember that the grade has no impact on the quality, resistance, and or durability. All grades are identical in terms of quality when floors are manufactured. The grade helps define the “look” of your floor. Which do you prefer? Floors with a uniform look throughout or a high character, lively floor. Here you can find different grades and all the beautiful character marks you find in nature.


The PREMIÈR grade has consistent colour with slight tonal variation between the boards. The grains are mostly clear and composed of natural sapwood coloration. This grade gives a clean and elegant look.


FAIRÈ is a more buoyant grade that has a slightly higher assortment of colour contrast and tone. The contrasting appearance of the FAIRE grade is achieved by a moderate selection of the natural tones of the species. Light to pronounced variations among boards gives this grade a slightly more charactered look, with varying patterns and other natural wood characteristic visible throughout.


This wonderfully lively grade clearly displays variations from plank to plank, creating a bolder look. Natural beauty-marks such as knots, mineral streaks, and multi-tonal boards, make this an exceptional wood grade to compliment any design.


The beauty of wood is evident in our NATURELLE grade. This grade boasts an abundance of hues, and tones, varying grains, along with filled in knots and cracks, resulting in a remarkably stunning floor that truly resembles a work of art.

Nature's Beauty

Character Marks


Knots are nature's beauty marks on trees. These knots create beautiful and unique patterns that enhance the visual appeal of the hardwood floor.


Dark brown to black mineral streaks present in wood flooring are simply a natural work of art. These unique patterns are caused by the absorption of different minerals from the trees surrounding environment.


These fine splits and cracks are much like brush strokes on a canvas, emphasizing the wood is alive. Splits and cracks, typically filled with matching or accenting fillers to enhance the look of the floors, create an authentic visual experience.


***All wood flooring grading agencies allow for a 5% discrepancy. If a particular customer is looking for a certain grade, please make sure that extra material is purchased to attain said grade.

***The above grading system is a subjective guideline and should be considered as such. Please make sure a number of boxes are opened during installation to achieve desired look. Once installed, there can be no appearance related claims.