Hi, we're Pravada!

We specialize in high-end engineered hardwood flooring. We’re based in Canada but you’ll find our European flair and contemporary designed floors in luxury homes all over North America. Designers have trusted our floors for over 15 years.

As you may know, floors are not an impulse purchase. People spend weeks, sometimes months, selecting their floors and two of the most effective tools used to help solidify their decisions are pictures and testimonials.

Here is where our brand ambassadors can help. We want you to experience our floors - see them up-close, live on them, design a room with them. We're interested in promoting your authentic experience.

what's in it for you

  • Discounts on high end engineered hardwood flooring 
  • Exclusive access as a Pravada insider
  • Brand Ambassador profile page 
  • Long term & Reoccurring partnerships available 

what's in it for us

  • High quality Images of your design
  • Videos (keep it real!)
  • The attention of your audience
  • Your testimonial (again, keep it real!)

ways to work with us

  • Use Pravada floors in your own home
  • Design a space for a client using Pravada floors
  • Use Pravada floors on a project you will have featured n the media
  • Products or services in trade - (ie. Videography)

We'll be in touch soon!

In the meantime...